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We understand there are many options in the market for x-ray inspection systems. This may be a little confusing, so let’s try to help with the decision-making process.

Techvalley has been in existence since 1997 and have won a huge number of awards for innovation and technology since that time, including the launch of the world’s first x-ray component counter in 2013.

Techvalley is famous for developing its own technology and holds over 50 patents. The trusted partner of all major Korean companies around the globe, holding CE and ISO approvals and offering highly trained local support.

Techvalley Europe has a very strong distribution network, with fully trained engineers local to all customers offering excellent training for our users. Holding major spare parts stocks within Europe, our demo room is equipped with the full range of our product offerings.

The bottom line – Techvalley has come into the European market in a strong professional way, partnering with the best distributors and offering better products, value for money, ROI and support, than was previously available in Europe. Their unique AXI algorithms deliver faster and more accurate results than more expensive systems and this further proves that they are the strongest partner for your needs.

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Our European team work around the clock to provide the very best support

Contact our dedicated team at Techvalley Europe today, whether you are looking to purchase a machine, or you require training or support.

Our sales and technical team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.