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At Techvalley, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of care and support to all of our customers.

From selecting the right system and ensuring that it is installed correctly.

Our global network of sales, service and distribution resource means we’re on hand once your machine is up and running whenever you need us.

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Technical Support Centre

Hunyadi Janos utca 3., | Building “A”, H-1117 | Budapest | Hungary | +36 70 394 3428

User Training

  • We will fully train your operators and engineers as soon as the system is installed
  • This will be done in the local language wherever possible or in English
  • Level 1 maintenance training will also be given to your team at this time
  • All training requirements available
  • On-line and telephone support is available through our distribution network
techvalley training

Fully trained support engineers

  • All our distribution partners have engineers who are fully trained on installation, use and support of our systems
  • Our partners are also experts in the local regulations, and therefore will ensure a smooth path to getting you operational
  • We offer remote diagnostics in real time for fast problem solving, to ensure minimal downtime

Extensive spares stock

  • We hold an extensive spares stock at our European headquarters. This dramatically speeds up any warranty replacements required and also allows us to speedily replace any failed units
  • This strategy is key to our customer and distribution partner support
  • Reducing replacement part shipping time gives us maximum advantage over other x-ray suppliers
techvalley spare parts
virtual technical support

Techvalley support staff

  • We have highly skilled engineering support based at our European headquarters. This provides a second line of support to our customers
  • Supporting our distribution partners, our support staff are able to fix the more complex issues, should any arise
  • This gives our customers the knowledge that Techvalley are able to take care of them, from install and training to fixing any issues


IN 1997

Since this time we have won a huge number of awards, developed our own technology and currently hold over 50 patents.


With fully trained engineers local to all our customers, we offer excellent training and hold major spare parts stocks within Europe


Techvalley deliver faster and more accurate results than more expensive systems and this further proves that we are the strongest partner for your needs.

Our sales and technical team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.