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More than 22 years experience

Established in 1997 in Korea, Techvalley’s history is the history of Korean industrial X-ray inspection systems.

Our History

  • Prize awarded $3Million Export Tower on 54th Trade (President)
  • Selected Star-product 2017 (28th June by Electronic News)
  • Achieved export $4,000,000 (until 1st quarter : Jan~Mar)
2015 - 2016
  • Developed In-line AXI/2.5D
  • Prize awarded $1Million Export Tower on 52nd Trade (President)
  • Selected as a military service company (Military Manpower Administration)
2013 - 2014
  • AXI (Automated X-ray Inspection) (‘14)
  • Prize awards (by IBK) (‘14)
  • Selected as a promising export SME (Ministry of SMEs & Startups in Korea)
  • X-ray chip counter (1st in the World) (‘13)
  • Commendation of excellent company by Hanwha (‘13)
2011 - 2012
  • Prize awards (‘12) (Minister of knowledge economy)
  • X-ray diffractometry system (XRD), X-ray CT system for internal measurement,
    X-ray system(PDX) for dental clinic, Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) – The 1st in Korea
2009 - 2010
  • Digital X-ray CT system for geological inspection – The 1st in Korea
  • Achieves sales of 400 equipment units (The 1st accomplishment in Korea)
  • Certificated CE(240kV 3D CT) (‘09)
  • Certificated CE(TVX-IL1105/1630/2205)
2007 - 2008
  • Certificated ISO9001:2000 (‘08)
  • Certificated KSA9001:2001 (‘08)
  • Automated X-ray inspection system for steel pipe – The 1st in Korea
  • Selected export promising company (Government in Gyeonggi-do) (‘07)
  • Awarded by Minister of Commerce Industry and Energy
  • Developed Vision System for PCB Hole checking
2005 - 2006
  • Selected promising company (by IBK)
  • Developed 160kV X-ray Source (1st in Korea)
  • Selected INNO-BIZ (‘05)
  • Certificated Venture-company (‘05)
  • Awarded by Minister of Science and Technology
  • Developed industrial X-ray equipment (1st in Korea)
2003 - 2004
  • PCB hole inspection X-ray system (1st in the World)
  • Company affiliated research institute certification
  • Developed 80kV X-ray Source (1st in Korea)
2001 - 2002
  • Prize awards (‘02) (Minister of science & technology)
  • 1st Young Front Awards (‘02) (Seoul economic newspaper & media)
  • Silver awards (Int’n invention competiton Geneva in 2001)
  • Digital X-ray inspection system for relics – The 1st in Korea
  • Digital X-ray inspection system for eccentricity of PCB hole – The 1st Korea
1999 - 2000
  • Gold prize of LA Int'n invention fair in USA ('99)
  • Selected as Top 50 company by Venture Korea (‘99)
  • Gold prize of LA Int'n invention fair in USA ('99)
Established 1997
  • Portable X-ray equipment (‘97) (1st in the World)
  • Silver prize of Korea invention fair (Korean Intellectual Property Office)

Patents Status

  • Portable Digital X-ray Fluorescence
  • Two Dimensional Inclinometer Display Device
  • High-speed X-ray analysis equipment
  • Multi X-ray image acquisition measure
  • Radiation structure of X-ray Tube
  • X-ray generator 1
  • Assembling frame of X-ray tube
  • X-ray generator 2
  • Control method of X-ray Tube
  • X-ray tube with a Plurality of Target
  • Table module of analyzer using X-ray
  • X-ray analytical instrument
  • Method for Detecting Dead Pixel of X-ray Device
  • Position Modification Jig for Voxels of CT Apparatus
  • X-ray inspection apparatus with Tension providing means
  • X-ray inspection system with shutter device
  • Electron gun with electrode supporting means and X-ray tube
  • X-ray inspection apparatus having an object position checking means
  • Assemblies of helical CT
  • X-ray detector with Cooling method
  • Portable X-ray equipment with shielding structure for blind spot
  • X-ray detector with Cooling method
  • X-ray detector with Cooling space
  • Variable slit device of X-ray inspection equipment
  • Slit absence of X-ray inspection system and the way of manufacturing
  • Deceleration equipment using friction drive
  • Orthogonal axes power transmission device using friction drive
  • Registration method of Reel tape of semiconductor and display system
  • X-ray inspection systems and methods of the object on the plate
  • X-ray analysis apparatus equipped with a variable primary shield
  • The X-ray analysis apparatus equipped shielding
  • Component counting system and method for Reel tape of semiconductor
  • Component counting system method for Reel tape of semiconductor and Display system
  • Component counting system for Reel Tape of semiconductor
  • Component counting system with Reel tape alignment equipment
  • XRD driving method with worm gear
  • XRD system using accuracy driving worm gear
  • Slit control system for X-ray beam
  • Analyzed for SAXS(Small-Angle X-ray Scattering) system
  • Method of adjusting X-ray beam that SAXS including aligning
  • Transfer and measuring devices of Ingot
  • X-ray inspection system with a positioning system
  • Portable XRD (X-ray Fluorescence)
  • X-Ray Diffractometer equipped with a Curved Detector
  • XRD equipped with Angle Encoder
  • Moving stage for sample analyzer
  • Beam stopper equipment
  • Sample stage with heating device
  • Measurement device for small-angle and Large-angle X-ray scattering
  • Structure of XRD
  • X-ray generator that use pulse input signal
  • Heat radiation structure of X-ray tube equipped with thermoelectric element


  • Selected company for designated military service (Military Manpower Administration, 2015)
  • Selected export promising company (Small & medium Business Administration, 2014)
  • Selected as IBK Creative Company by IBK (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, 2014)
  • Certificated CE TVX-IL1105/1630/2205 (CERMET, 2010)
  • Certificated CE 240KV X-ray 3D CT (CERMET, 2009)
  • KSA 9001: 2001 Quality Management System Certification (IIC, 2008)
  • ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification (IIC, 2008)
  • Selected export promising company (Government in Gyeonggi-do, 2007)
  • Selected promising company (IBK, 2006)
  • Selected INNO-BIZ (Small & Medium Business Administration, 2005)
  • Designated as a venture enterprise (Gyeonggi Provincial Small and Medium Business Administration, 2005)
  • Accreditation of R&D Center (Korea Industrial Technology Association, 2003)
  • Selected as Top 50 company (Venture Korea, 1999)


  • Prize awards for export (The 52nd Trade Day in Korea, 2015)
  • Selected as IBK Creative Company by IBK (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, 2014)
  • Recognized as a company with excellent cooperation (Hanhwa Co., Ltd., 2013)
  • Awarded Minister of Knowledge Economy Award (Ministry of Knowledge Economy, 2012)
  • Awarded Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Award (Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy, 2007)
  • Awarded by the Minister of Science and Technology (Ministry of Science and Technology, 2005)
  • Silver Prize of the 1st Young Front Awards (Seoel economic newsmedia, 2002)
  • Prize award of radiation safety by Minister of science & technology (2002)
  • Geneva International Invention Exhibition Silver Award (2001)
  • LA International Invention Exhibition Grand Prize (2000)
  • LA International Invention Exhibition Gold Prize (1999)
  • Silver prize of patent technologies in Korea (Korean Intellectual Property Office, 1997)

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