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Techvalley’s history is the history of Korean industrial X-ray inspection systems.

Techvalley has been providing various kinds of industrial X-ray inspection/analysis systems for all industries including electric/ electronic, semiconductor, automobile component and secondary batteries, etc.

Manufacturing industries have been forced to develop and produce more miniaturized, more integrated and more precise components and products in this intense global competition.

Also, more strict and rigid inspection standards have been applied to inspect the final quality of finished products. As a result, demands and expectations for inspection systems have increased very significantly.

Techvalley Europe

Our European team work around the clock to provide the very best service.

Techvalley are bringing their high speed, high accuracy in-line X-ray systems to Europe. With a European HQ and demo center in Hungary and a fast-growing well-trained distribution network.

Techvalley are planning to take market share quickly and establish a lasting footprint, due to the quality, accuracy and speed of their systems and the quality of their support. Techvalley also offer a cost effective at-line/offline solution and a super accurate X-ray component counter.

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Our European team work around the clock to provide the very best support

Contact our dedicated team at Techvalley Europe today, whether you are looking to purchase a machine, or you require training or support.